Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair transplantation is basically a surgical procedure for hair loss problems. In hair transplantation, hair follicle from one area of the body will be removed and fixed on the bald or balding area of the body. The former is known as the 'donor site' whereas the latter is known as the 'recipient site'. The procedure is mainly used to treat male baldness.

How does hair transplantation work?

Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive surgery. There are some body areas which are resistant to balding. Those hair follicles are transplanted to the balding portion of the body. Hair transplantation can also be done in eyelashes, chest hair, eyebrows, beard hair, pubic hair and to cover up the scars affected by accidents or cosmetic surgeries.

Does hair transplantation give natural look?

Hair transplantation involves correcting of many tiny grafts rather than a single shred of skin. Generally, hair grows in a group of 1 – 4 hairs. So, the transplant is done in their natural groupings. By doing this, the transplantation gives natural look. This type of hair transplant method is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Donor hair can be collected in two different ways such as strip harvesting, and follicular unit extraction (FUE). There are many Hair Transplants In Delhi who perform procedure elegantly according to the customer’s need.

What is the success rate of hair transplantation?

If the hair transplantation procedure is carried out in the highest international standards like Panacea, 95-98% success rate can be achieved for a non-smoker. For those who are confused or uncertain about hair transplantation, can contact Panacea. If you are searching for the best hair transplant in Delhi, don’t waste your time further. Visit Panacea and get hi-tech treatment and become more beautiful.