Whether you've had the same hairstyle since first grade or love switching it up on a regular basis, it's vital to be aware that certain hairstyles might contribute to hair loss.

Hair loss is inconvenient no matter what the source, but there are some things you might be doing in your daily routine that are potentially exacerbating the problem. You want to be able to style your hair in a variety of ways, but some styles are better placed on the shelf until you can figure out what's causing your thinning hair and prevent more damage. 

According to the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, pulling your hair back too firmly can cause harm. Tight ponytails, cornrows, extensions, and buns are four hairstyles that might harm your hair. This type of hair loss is known as "traction alopecia," and it is caused by harm to the hair follicles as a result of repeated hair pulling.

Tight hair can cause more than just damage; it can also lead to irreversible hair loss over time. You can avoid more harm if you change your haircut as soon as you notice hair loss. It's vital to remember that it's the constant tug on the hair, not the hairstyle, that might trigger hair loss. Wearing your hair loosely pulled back rather than forcefully pulled back is one of the easiest ways to avoid harm.

You might also attempt a hairstyle that doesn't pull on your hair at all, such as leaving it down. If you like to wear ponytails or braids, it's best to alternate them with non-damaging hairstyles. There are numerous reasons to consider changing your look. Experimenting with various hairstyles can be enjoyable, especially when you find one that looks and feels well on you.

You may notice your hair thinning around your part, making the part appear wider, whether or not you wear your hair in tight styles. Changing your hair part could help with this form of baldness.

Sun damage to the scalp and strain that leads to breaking can both be caused by parting your hair in the same spot all the time. It is possible to allow your hair time to recover by moving it to a different spot. Changing your part is also one of the quickest methods to drastically transform your appearance.

If your hair continues to fall out despite a new hairdo, you may be experiencing more hair loss than is normal. If this happens, you should act fast to prevent your hair loss from worsening or becoming permanent.

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